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Welcome to the Hertfordshire (ACS) Provider Portal

This site acts as an online portal between providers of Adult social care and Hertfordshire County Council's Adult Care Services (ACS) Department. It is a means to securely view and interact with the local authority's Adult Social Care Teams, including Care Management Staff, Finance Officers and Contract Officers.

The Hertfordshire Provider Portal is being implemented in four phases

Phase One focussed on creating the link for providers of Residential services to the Council's Adult Social Care System (ACSIS). It is hoped that all Providers of Residential and Nursing Care who Contract with the Council will make use of this service.

Phase Two will enable Providers of residential care services to send queries via the portal and interact directly with Officers who can answer that query, be it a Contracts issue, Service Use's Package of Care that requires provisioning/amending or a query regarding the collection of a Service User’s contributions. Each query will have a status to help you check on progress.

Phase Three will expand use of the Provider Portal to include providers of community based Services and introduce the ability for providers to submit invoices and details of Actual Service Delivery electronically and reduce payment processing times

Phase Four will introduce the ability to receive contract documentation over the Provider Portal and be accepted or rejected electronically