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Scheme Delivery Partners  

Applicants' Proofs of Evidence

CRL-1-1 Scheme Background -Summary of Proof of Evidence

CRL-1-2 Scheme Background -Proof of Evidence

CRL-1-3 Scheme Background -Appendices

CRL-2-1 Transport Case -Summary of Proof of Evidence

CRL-2-2 Transport Case -Proof of Evidence

CRL-2-3 Transport Case -Appendices

CRL-3-2 Operational Matters -Proof of Evidence

CRL-4-1 Engineering -Summary of Proof of Evidence

CRL-4-2 Engineering -Proof of Evidence

CRL-5-1 Environment -Summary of Proof of Evidence

CRL-5-2 Environment -Proof of Evidence

CRL-5-3 Environment -Appendices

CRL-6-1 Land Acquisition -Summary of Proof of Evidence

CRL-6-2 Land Acquisition -Proof of Evidence

CRL-7-1 Town Planning -Summary of Proof of Evidence

CRL-7-2 Town Planning -Proof of Evidence

CRL-7-3 Town Planning -Appendices



Applicants' Composite Responses to Objectors

CRL/R/2 Composite response to Helen Rice

CRL/R/7 Composite response to Mr J MacDonald

CRL/R/8 Composite response to Mr Cinnamond

CRL/R/21 Composite response to Mr Fish

CRL/R/25 Composite response sent to Cllr Peter Jeffree

CRL/R/32 Composite response to Cllr Derbyshire

CRL/R/38 & 67 Composite response to Sea Cadets & Morris Minors

CRL/R/69 Composite response to Neal Street Residents

CRL/INQ/1 Opening statement by the Promoters

CRL/INQ/2 Diagram/Plan: Cinnamon House - Drg M/1019324/CH/11

CRL/INQ/3 Response to Mr Etherington

CRL/INQ/4 A3 Plan of Watford to show Central Ward in detail

CRL/INQ/5 Response to Mrs Butler

CRL/INQ/6 Plan of the Health Campus

CRL/INQ/7 Plan - Fig 1 - Location of Proposed Environmental Barriers

CRL/INQ/8 Tube Map

CRL/INQ/9 Closing submissions by the Applicants

CRL/INQ/11 Response to Mr Pettit

CRL/INQ/12 Letter from the Applicants to the National Unit for Land Acquisitions and Disposals dated 18 October regarding the certificate under section 19 (1) (a) of and para 6(1)(b) of schedule 3 to the Acquisition of Land Act 1981 relating to land at Croxleyhall Wood, Lavrock Lane, Croxley, Hertfordshire which removed the compulsory purchase powers over the open space

CRL/INQ/13 Letter to the Inspector via the Programme Officer dated 19 October with the above letter (CRL/INQ/12) and accompanying the revised filled-up order with explanatory note


Objectors/Representors Documents

SEA/1/1 Proof of Evidence from The Sea Cadet Corps (OBJ/38)
SEA/1/2 Further Proof of Evidence from the Sea Cadet Corps (OBJ/38) & Morris Minors (OBJ/67
SEA/1/3 Supplementary Proof of Evidence from the Sea Cadet Corps (OBJ/38) & morris Minors (OBJ/67)
Email from Morris Minors (OBJ/67)
CIN/1 Proof of Evidence from Mr Cinnamond (OBJ/8)
CIN/2 Traffic Assessment on behalf of Mr Cinnamond (OBJ/8)
CIN/3 Supplementary evidence from Mr Cinnamond (OBJ/8)
MF/1 Proof of Evidence from Mr Michael Fish (OBJ/21)
MF/2 Statement regarding the closure of Watford Met Station (OBJ/21)
MF/3 Final Statement regarding the closure of Watford Met Station (OBJ/21)
GD/1 Proof of Evidence from Councillor George Derbyshire (OBJ/32)
NST/1 Proof of Evidence - Letter and survey by residents of Neal Street (OBJ/69)
WAT/1 Submission from Councillor Watkin
LTW/1 Letter to Boris Johnson from LondonTravelWatch(REP/9)
LTW/2 Final Report by TravelWatch on Watford Station Closure Panel (REP/9)
CPC/1 Proof of Evidence from Croxley Green Parish Council (REP/7)
WHH/1 Proof of Evidence from West Hertfordshire Hospitals (SUPP/9)
JW/1 Written statement by Mr James Ware (SUPP/12)
HR/1 Written statement by Ms Helen Rice (OBJ/2)
HR/2 Further email statement by Ms Helen Rice (OBJ/2)
MAC/1 Written statement by Mr James Macdonald (OBJ/7)
PJ/1 Written statement by Councillor Peter Jeffree (OBJ/25)
SAW/1 Written statement by SAWTAG regarding the Statement of Matters
SAW/2 Written statement by SAWTAG
SAW/3 Historical Report - extract from 'London's Metropolitan Railway' by SAWTAG (OBJ/71)
SAW/4 London Metropolitan Railway - Alan A Jackson
SAW/5 A New Deal for Transport: Better for Everyone - Government's white paper on the future of transport
SAW/6 Proposed route
FRE/1 Proof of Evidence by Mrs French
TRE/1 Proof of Evidence by Mr Tremayne
GM/1 Proof of Evidence by Councillor Giles-Medhurst
ETH/1 Diagram/Plan from Mr Etherington
CC/1 Letter from Croxley Car Centre (OBJ/46)
LF/1 Bundle of correspondence by Mrs Field

Applicants' Composite Responses to Objectors

INSP/1 Pre-Inquiry Notes

INSP/2 Letter closing the Inquiry 25 October 2012