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How much is the scheme going to cost?

The anticipated total cost of the project is £116.8 million. This includes adjustments for inflation and risk contingency.

Where is the funding coming from?

We have submitted a Major Scheme Business case and Expression of Interest to the Department for Transport (DfT) who are conducting an assessment of the scheme. It is expected that £76.24 million will come from the DfT (central government) and £40.56 million (35%) from local contributions.

Why was the Croxley Green branch line closed in the first place?

A reasonable train service has not operated on these lines since the late 1980s and the line was finally severed in 1996 as it was uneconomical to continue to run a service. Lack of demand was mainly due to a lack of direct services to London combined with an economic downturn that severely affected jobs and industry in the West Watford area during the mid 1980s and 1990s. The line was formally closed in 2002 with the intention of facilitating the Croxley Rail Link.

The Croxley Rail Link will form part of the London Underground network and as such will be subject to a much higher service frequency and greater connectivity with London.

Where will the new stations be?

It is intended that one station will be adjacent to Ascot Road and one adjacent to Vicarage Road to serve Watford Hospital. See plan

Is Watford Metropolitan station closing?

It is intended that Watford Metropolitan station will close once the new service is operational. There will be a brand new station at Ascot Road 1.2km away (15 minutes walk) which will cater for the existing users of Watford Metropolitan station.

London Underground will follow the statutory station closure procedure.

What will the service be like?

The new link will form part of the London Underground Metropolitan line.


The proposed service pattern would result in a 10 minute service interval during peak hours and a 15 minute service interval during the rest of the day.


The route will be served by new trains which LU is currently introducing to the Metropolitan Line. These new trains feature walk through carriages, air conditioning, improved accessibility and enhanced security, including CCTV coverage for all carriages.

Operating Hours

It is anticipated that operating hours will be between 05:10 - 01:15 Monday to Saturday, and 06:45 - 01:00 on Sundays.

Will the current London Overground service from Watford Junction to Euston be affected by the Project?

No, the TfL proposals to run four London Overground trains per hour between Watford Junction and London Euston are not affected, and in fact, the addition of Metropolitan line services will provide rail users at Watford Junction with up to 16 trains an hour to London and passengers from Watford High Street with up to 10 trains an hour to London

How long will it take to build?

It is anticipated that the scheme will take approximately two years to become operational from the start of construction, including any testing and commissioning.

Will the Metropolitan line be closed for the works?

The existing line up to Watford Metropolitan station will remain operational until completion of the new line, some closures will be necessary towards the end of the construction period to connect the two lines.

How much of an increase in noise is anticipated?

Some noise is unavoidable; however, the new trains are significantly quieter than both the trains that last used this route and the current Metropolitan line trains. They have been built with environmental considerations incorporated into the design. Every effort will be taken to ensure any noise is kept to a minimum. The Environmental Statement will specifically address noise issues and stipulate any mitigation measures required in line with the legislation.

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